Tear-Aid, the indispensable repair solution for outdoor and indoor use.

Unlike other repair products on the market, Tear-Aid is flexible and extremely strong. Tear-Aid is non-toxic and safe to use in all circumstances, and it complies with AS 1230-1993 (R2016).

Thanks to Tear-Aid Australia, the world’s most effective repair solution is now firmly positioned in the Southern Hemisphere.

TearAid Australia not only supplies the complete range of Tear Aid products that repair rips, tears and holes in most materials and on most surfaces, the product is also backed by exceptional Agents and customer service teams around Australia that deliver results.

Don’t replace! Repair with Tear-Aid, simply the best, easiest to apply and safest permanent repair solution for all your indoor and outdoor repairs.

Tear-Aid is available in Type A and Type B. Both types have the same unique qualities.

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  • extremely strong
  • watertight
  • airtight
  • flexible
  • UV resistant
  • very versatile
  • does not dry out
  • permanent

Tear-Aid, Type A

90% immediate adhesive strength.
100% adhesive strength after 1 hour.


Tear-Aid, Type B (only Vinyl/PVC)

50% immediate adhesive strength.
100% adhesive strength after 24 hours.


Tear-Aid, a show of strength!

Durable, flexible, airtight, watertight.
The exceptionally strong repair solution.


The Best Tear Repair Solution with Unlimited Repair Applications . . .

Tear Aid Australia
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