Tear-Aid, the indispensable repair solution for outdoor and indoor use.

Tear-Aid will fix rips, tears and holes in boat seats & cushions, caravan annexes, camping equipment & tents, truck & trailer tarps, windsurfer sails, PPE, ski jackets, inflatable boats, toys, pools & jumping castles, trampolines, window blinds & awnings, horse blankets, waterbeds, inflatable mattresses & covers, leather furniture.

Tear-Aid is available in Type A and Type B. Both types have the same unique qualities.

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  • extremely strong
  • watertight
  • airtight
  • flexible
  • UV resistant
  • very versatile
  • does not dry out
  • permanent

Tear-Aid, Type A

90% immediate adhesive strength.
100% adhesive strength after 1 hour.


Tear-Aid, Type B (only Vinyl/PVC)

50% immediate adhesive strength.
100% adhesive strength after 24 hours.


Tear-Aid, a show of strength!

Durable, flexible, airtight, watertight.
The exceptionally strong repair solution.


The Best Tear Repair Solution with Unlimited Repair Applications . . .

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